Requesting information about our research

As you already know, Salvidio & Partners publishes every quarter a reasearch covering Industry and Sub-Industry levered and unlevered betas. A preview of each quarterly issue can be downloaded for free, while the research itself can be purchased as an ebook or as a paperback (please refer for downloading of preview and for purchase of research to

The methodology we use to estimate Industry and Sub-industry betas is explained in detail in the preview, that reproduces the introductory note of each quartely issue of our research.

In order to avoid dissemination of underlying individual company data, since they belong to our data providers, our research features our calculation results only (average betas). We do not disclose individual company financial and stock prices data.

We will, however, disclose, upon request and subject to certain limits and conditions, the names of companies that are constituents of our industry and sub-industry average beta values.

Restricted disclosure of company names aims to prevent the possibility to rely on our quarterly publications to attempt to build up a company classification database that is regularly updated. By preventing full and unrestricted disclosure of company names, we therefore avoid any possibility to exploit our publications in what we think may be unfair use vis-à-vis ourselves and our data and information providers.

If you are interested in industry and sub-industry constituent company names, you may submit a request to us by clicking on the “Request company names” button below and following the instructions.

Please be aware that access to company names is limited per requesting individual and by quarterly issue to not more than twenty industries and/or sub-industries. Massive data requests are not allowed and we retain the right to suspend at anytime the disclosure of company names in case of unusual high access requests coming from the same “unique visitors”, same individual and/or firm, etc. or in case our data provider ask us to do so.