RICS Business Valuation Conference – Hong Kong, 1 December 2017

The annual business valuation conference organised by RICS took place today, in Hong Kong. Since this town is one of most active financial marketplaces, interest by regulators and by professionals for business valuation is well alive, as demonstrated by the relatively high number of attendees (about 200) for such a very specific topic, that came from all over South East Asia and from Europe. Among the many qualified speakers, Nick Talbot (IVSC) and Steve Choi (Director, RICS Global Business Vauation Board). Steve Choi illustrated the content of the “mandatory performance framework” (MPF) of the CEIV – Certified Entity and Intangible Valuer credential, that was introduced earlier this year by RICS together with AICPA and ASA. Although essentialy aimed at raising the quality of valuations for financial reporting in the US market, we believe that the remarkable level of comprehensiveness and soundness of MPF will set a quality-benchmark for valuers also abroad and for engagement different than valuations for reporting purposes.